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25 Dishes that define Saint Paul

  By JESS FLEMING | and NANCY NGO |  PUBLISHED: July 13, 2016 at 11:27 am | UPDATED: July 13, 2016 at 1:50 pm The culinary scene in St. Paul might be changing, but we’re still a city rooted in tradition. Whether it’s mainstay burger joints, red-sauce Italian or well-worn ethnic holes-in-the-wall, diners in the Saintly City are …


Best Lasagna In Minnesota

  “Soak up the cozy charm of DeGidio’s by eating in with friends and family or order your lasagna to-go.”   By Christina Kalinowski, January 14, 2015 Minnesotans are no stranger to the Italian casserole-style dish that is lasagna. An easy-to-assemble entrée, the humble lasagna has graced many kitchen tables at suppertime. However, lasagna is time consuming and labor-intensive to make; fortunately many …


Munch Madness: West Seventh Street

  “Oh, DeGidio’s, you are our guilty pleasure. You’re the place to take the kids before the big meet or after a good report card.” By Jessica Flemming | November 11, 2014 St. Paul, like most other cities, is made up of neighborhoods, each of which has a distinct food personality. Some are known for Asian eats, others for burgers …

Kid Cuisine

Kids’ Cuisine: Carbo-loading at DeGidio’s just what family needed

“After all that [garlic] bread, I thought my kids would be too full to eat their spaghetti, which was $5 a kid, but they couldn’t get enough of that sauce on pasta and the accompanying fluffy, rich meatballs. Even my pickiest eater, my 8-year-old daughter, slurped up at least half of her entree, which was more than enough to satisfy most adults.”