Serving authentic Italian food to the St. Paul area since the 1930's


Best Lasagna In Minnesota

  “Soak up the cozy charm of DeGidio’s by eating in with friends and family or order your lasagna to-go.”   By Christina Kalinowski, January 14, 2015 Minnesotans are no stranger to the Italian casserole-style dish that is lasagna. An easy-to-assemble entrée, the humble lasagna has graced many kitchen tables at suppertime. However, lasagna is time consuming and labor-intensive to make; fortunately many …


Munch Madness: West Seventh Street

  “Oh, DeGidio’s, you are our guilty pleasure. You’re the place to take the kids before the big meet or after a good report card.” By Jessica Flemming | November 11, 2014 St. Paul, like most other cities, is made up of neighborhoods, each of which has a distinct food personality. Some are known for Asian eats, others for burgers …